All this over 8 bucks?

I have been dealing with the public as a salesperson since I was 13. I wish I would have documented all the crazy stories and people I have come across in those 35 years, I would have one helluva an entertaining book! But now with my own blog I can can kinda do that. I […]

RC No Prep Drag Racing and Sustainability

Sustainability. It is a noun by definition that says “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level”. You often hear the word used when talking about the use of our planet or a business. Lately, with the explosion of RC Drag Racing I have been using the word a lot when talking […]

There’s One In Every Crowd

Disclosure: There may be adult language in this post and in the pictures of this post. “There’s One In Every Crowd” That is one of my favorite songs sung by Montgomery Gentry, Rest in Peace T-Roy. Sadly in the world of retail you find ‘that guy’ from time to time. I found one this past […]

Practice Costs vs. Racing Costs

Practice. It’s something we all as racers need. With that said, recently I headed over to my local track to make some laps and break some tires in. I give them the $12 they asked for unlimited practice. After many sessions and 5.5 hours later I headed home and pulled up LiveRC, I ran a […]


Recently I have had some people on social media doing some hating on Rotor Ron.   You know the type. The ones that talk big thru keystrokes during the week and hit tubes big on the weekend.  Let me give you some examples….  “Rotor Ron is an idiot”   “Why do you think his motors don’t make […]

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