720Spin 1/10 Touring Car/Oval Car Chassis Front/Rear Toe and Camber Set Up Station


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This quick and easy 720SPIN Toe and Camber Gauge intended for use with all 1/10 on road car chassis.
Note, this will also fit 1/10 purpose built sprint cars and late model chassis (Custom Works, GFRP, ect) however, please note that the parts just fit over the axles, no hexes.

This setup gauge has no moving parts making alignment easy and super accurate.

No need to spend big money to get the same results. This set up station is easy and fast to set up to get the results you are seeking.

This is a must have for any serious racer.

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*720Spin is an Australian based company. One man with a vision just like me to bring to market high performance products that make sense at prices that make sense. I am very happy to work with him and bring these products to the states for you.

*Please note you may have to add spacers on some cars to take up some space. Its impossible to test this on every car on the market.

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Pink, Orange, Green

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. 0 votes
    Answered by the admin

    no, you would need the short course version. Thanks

  2. 0 votes
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    This comes with the wheels

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    Q How is toe measured with this? answer now
    Asked by Steven Guzy on
    Answered by the admin

    With the bars that come with it.  There is also a video in the listing you can watch that explains it.

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