HobbyWing XeRun 2200kv 4268 SD G2 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor HWI30401903


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Looking for an awesome 1/8 motor?  Look for further than this motor. Squeeze the trigger and hold tight!

The first motor (in the world) with a built-in chip which helps ESC identify
it’s a HOBBYWING motor (when pairing with XERUN XR8/XR8 Plus) and
form a power system which can work in the “Full-Sensored” mode and
provide users with the better performance and smoother control

Turbo Timing Technology

When pairing this motor with HW XERUN XR8 series of ESCs, the Turbo Timing,
which is widely adopted in 1/10th scale on-road racing, can be enabled and
unleash the utmost power of the motor.

Bi-directional Adjustable Timing

The bi-directional adjustable mechanical timing,
can meet the different power demands of
various applications. (Note: bi-direction means CW/CCW)

Low Cogging Torque

The first motor adopted the innovative 4-pole-8-magnet “staggered pole” rotor
(HOBBYWING-patented design) (in the RC field) has the extremely low cogging effect and low
torque pulsation (it’s reduced by 85% when comparing with traditional 1/8th scale motors).



  • Full-sensored Mode
  • Turbo Timing Technology
  • Bi-directional Adjustable Timing
  • Advanced Hall Sensing System
  • Low Cogging Torque
  • Quality Materials & Excellent Design



If you are unsure this is right for you, please reach out to me first before purchasing.


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    Why is this motor $239 and the other 1/8 hobbywing motors are $139??? That u sell. Why so much higher??
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    Q Why is this motor $239 and the other 1/8 hobbywing motors are $139??? That u sell. Why so much hi...... Read more answer now
    Asked by Brian Levine on
    Answered by the admin

    I show this motor is $129.99.  Maybe refresh your page?  I am not sure what you are seeing?


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